Astoria, OR

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Welcome to Astoria360

Astoria is a town that if you peered into a snow globe created for "quaint " you would see my little corner of the world. Look deeper and you'll see both the pretty and gritty side -- Astoria360.
The city is a chameleon that has evolved from fur trading, logging, fishing and canning to culture, the arts and tourism. Remnants of our history remain, but today, our downtown is also filled with restauranteurs and chefs who work with local growers and ranchers, undaunted entrepreneurs who have built innovative products and shops, and artists who infuse fresh ideas into the community.
Astoria is a hard-working town that is always changing. Hip may not be in our DNA, but #WeAintQuaint either. I want to share my Astoria, and everything the wild Pacific Northwest has to offer. Read on for my take on why I'm leaving my heart in Astoria.